I went to high school at Lycée Gabriel Fauré in Annecy, France where I graduated with a high school diploma in Economics and Sociology in 2004. I integrated the University of Paris Assas afterwards and went out two years later with a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

In 2007, I was selected to join the renowned University of Paris Dauphine in a program enabling students to work in a position related to their field and study at the same time thanks to an adapted schedule. This is when I joined Regimedia. At the end of this program, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Marketing Strategies.

Then I decided to apply to a French-American Master’s Degree in International Business and New Technologies in my university. After a tight selection, I had the chance to join the program for a year. Like my previous program, the MIB was giving us the opportunity to work at the same time. We followed summer classes and then were able to join a full-time position in November. This is when I joined Microsoft. I graduated in July 2010 with a grade B pass.

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